2021 Boston Book Fair November 18-20, 2021.

How does one shop an ABAA Virtual Book Fair?

The Boston virtual Book Fair combines the convenience of online commerce with the community of in-person book fairs. Just like at an physical book fair, you will be able to:

  • browse the inventory of many exhibitors, but now with the advantage of only having to check out once no matter how many exhibitors you purchase from! 
  • speak with the exhibitors in real time, via digital tools like FaceTime and Zoom.
  • be among the first to have the opportunity to buy newly acquired or cataloged items from the most-reputable dealers in the business.
  • shop the fair for a set time only. Our virtual book fairs last for 2-4 days. So arrive early, make a plan to visit the exhibitors you know, and find the material you want!